Aptos Announces New Jambo Phone, Fruit Of Jupiter's Bharani Nakshatra Transit

Aptos Announces New Jambo Phone, Fruit Of Jupiter's Bharani Nakshatra Transit

On Thursday February 15th, while Moon transited with Jupiter in the Venus-ruled Nakshatra of Bharani, Aptos Foundation announced its new Jambo Phone, priced at $99. 

Jambo Phone is the fruit of a partnership with the Web3 App Jambo, and it comes installed with direct access to the Aptos ecosystem as well as others, via the Aptos wallet, Petra, and the Jambo App.

The phone is for African, Latin American and South Asian markets and the announcement post on Aptos’s blog is titled “Aptos Foundation Partners with Jambo to Empower Emerging Markets through Web3”

At that moment, Moon transited with Jupiter in the Venus-ruled Nakshatra of Bharani. This Nakshatra represents birth and entrance into a new world, as its its God is Yama, the God of Death and its symbol is the female vagina. So it’s not a coincidence that the Jambo Phone is for emerging markets. Sun, power itself and also related to banking liquidity, transited in the 2nd House from Venus close to Venus’s degree at the time of the announcement, which stated intentions of “empowering” emerging markets. 

Aptos Network is in a way, a spin off of the Facebook Libra project. When the Libra project was dismantled, coders from Libra created Aptos. Libra is the name of an astrological sign ruled by Venus. One of the main benefits of Aptos is that it uses the Move coding language which was going to be used on Libra. Libra, ruled by Venus is one of the four movable signs. So it’s clear that Shukracharya, Venus is leading Aptos and its initiative with the Jambo Phone. 

In May of this year 2024, Jupiter enters Venus’s other sign, the second sign of Taurus. This transit of Jupiter’s which will last one year, expands the significations Venus by way of Taurus, and by way of Jupiter’s interests, which are often related to a long-term vision for the future. As Taurus is the 2nd sign of liquidity, I See that the current bull run is going to be powerful for Aptos being able to accomplish its work. In fact I looked at the Aptos natal chart recently for a very special client, and the current transit of Jupiter in Bharani as well as His upcoming transit through Taurus is activating Aptos in important ways, especially because it activates natal Rahu, then natal Moon, then natal Mars.

One of my earliest videos on the ShiningBull Youtube channel, published in August of 2019 was all about the Facebook Libra project. What I find so interesting is that I believe I gave a lot of cautionary warnings about Facebook’s intentions with Libra, and I also spoke on how that project had a powerful chart and that it was likely to succeed, and now I See that the heart of this project has survived through Aptos. 

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