Bitcoin Miners' Investment Strategies Will Modify The Upcoming Economic Cycle, Unusually

Bitcoin Miners' Investment Strategies Will Modify The Upcoming Economic Cycle, Unusually

In a recent WuBlockchain interview, Wolfie, a journalist specialized in the bitcoin mining industry said that beginning in 2022, a lot of miners invested heavily in the stock market. They did so with the hopes that it would provide them with future capital, as they had to sell off a lot of bitcoin to repay their loans. Wolfie said that for this reason in 2024, the way that the stock market moves will be important in how those miners organize their capital.

Currently, Shani Dev Saturn Who rules mining is transiting Their own Sign, the 11th sign of Aquarius, and is therefore trining the 3rd sign of Gemini. Gemini is related to trading. Shani Dev is also trining the 7th sign of Libra, which rules the markets.

Shani Dev transits Aquarius until the end of March 2025, and then enters Pisces where Rahu will be transiting, soon to exit Pisces traveling backwards as always, into Aquarius. They will cross paths and then Rahu will enter into Aquarius at the end of May 2025, to track back over the path that Saturn transited in that sign, for the next 18 months.

In my book BITCOIN BY 2026, I mention that this is a major and incredible turning point moment for bitcoin. But I also See that once Saturn enters Pisces and starts transiting with Rahu, starting end of March 2025, something interesting is going to begin related to how bitcoin miners are investing or trading in various financial markets, both traditional markets such as possibly even real estate, the stock market and also crypto markets.

In fact, I See something quite clearly related to large bitcoin miners investing in real estate. I also see that fractionalized bitcoin mining will become more prevalent beginning at this moment.

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