Bitcoin Miners Quickly Diversify Pre-Halving As Mercury Retrogrades In Pisces

Bitcoin Miners Quickly Diversify Pre-Halving As Mercury Retrogrades In Pisces

Bitcoin miners have been diversifying their revenue streams in the current halvening environment.

Hut8, Hive Digital and Foundry are getting into selling computing power to AI firms. MARA meanwhile is offering a special service to large industry players such as bitcoin ETFs, who need priority access to blockspace, guaranteeing them blockspace to process their large transactions at the same time each day.

And Foundry has started a new service where they help other parties buy, sell and maintain their own mining rigs.

The miners have also been spreading out into different countries and jurisdictions in the case of regulatory scares in one place or another.

The 2nd House relates to our liquid resources, and right now, Venus, Mercury and Rahu are all transiting 2nd from Saturn, Who rules mining, in Pisces, the sign which relates to venturing into new, unknown territories.

Mercury is retrograding in Pisces which means a revisionary process. Because exalted Venus is in-sign, He starts to think in a much more inventive way, and Rahu gives even more unconventional solutions.

I’m not sure how much room there is for more miners to get into what MARA is doing, but what I See is that near the end of May as Jupiter and Venus transit together in Taurus, a lot more intensity is placed on the theme of ETFs.

As an Astrologer I See that what MARA is doing, offering a priority service to funds who need to settle their transactions at the same moment each day, is really clever and I hope they’re charging a lot of money for it, in fact. As an Astrologer it looks like that’s like a use case that’s going to be expanded in a big way by Jupiter’s transit in Taurus starting in May, next month.

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