Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Drop Points To More Motivated Oncoming Bull

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Drop Points To More Motivated Oncoming Bull

Bitcoin experienced the largest drop in mining difficulty since December 6, 2022, at the most recent difficulty adjustment on Thursday 9 March.

The difficulty adjustment took place at block height 842688, when in the sky Mars travelled at Moon’s degree two signs displaced from Moon. 

Dividing the sky of an infinite radius extending outward from the center point, Earth into 12 equal sections, this means that at the moment of block height 842688, a person standing in a location on Earth where Moon was rising on the Eastern horizon turning the head 60º westward, would see Mars.

Bitcoin mining difficulty adjustments happen approximately once every 2 weeks, which is also the time it takes for Moon to move from new to full and full to new in the sky. These adjustments alter the complexity of the cryptographic problem that miners need to solve in order to produce the next block, taking into account how many miners are currently active, so that the target production rate of 1 block every 10 minutes is attained. Thursday’s 5.7% drop in difficulty meant that there were significantly less miners active on Bitcoin than at the previous adjustment, and in lessening the difficulty also lessened miners’ energy costs. 

The last time difficulty dropped so substantially was at the December 6, 2022 adjustment, which happened 2 weeks after the last bear market low of $15476.  On Thursday, the planet Venus travelled in the exact place in the sky where Rahu was located, in the Nakshatra or constellation of Ashwini in Aries on December 6, 2022. 

Venus and Rahu intensify one another’s effect on Earth. This fact which has been consistently observed and validated by astrologers for tens of thousands of years, combined with Mars’ position in relation to Moon on Thurday activating Mars’ sign of Aries and Venus within it, means that the drastic drop in difficulty is likely to attract more miners onto the network. This will increase hash rate, and in turn strengthen market confidence in the network. 

This will start to visibly effect bitcoin price beginning on Thursday 30 May 2024, when the planet Mercury travels in the sky at the same degree in trine or 4 signs displaced, from where He was located on 1 January 2023. That was the date bitcoin price broke out of consolidation and headed upwards after the past bull market’s low.

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