Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Reaches All Time High As Mars Passes Saturn In Sky

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Reaches All Time High As Mars Passes Saturn In Sky

On Wednesday April 10th, the day that Mars passed Saturn in the air sign of Aquarius, bitcoin mining difficulty hit an all time high.

Mars is pure physical energy and testosterone, and Saturn restricts. So when these two planets come together it creates a lot of concentrated intensity and driving force. 

Shani Dev Saturn rules mining.

This adjustment of the bitcoin mining difficulty happened at block 838,656 which is funny because these numbers 838 and 656 are indicative of effort and of fighting which was what was happening in the sky between Mars and Saturn. 5 is the one number that doesn’t relate to those things but rather to wealth. 

The mining difficulty increased as such because hash rate was high, meaning that miners were putting more of their power into mining bitcoin to generate more wealth. 

However this effort, related to Mars was met with restriction by Saturn, as the increase in mining difficulty means that more energy needs to be expended by the miners to solve the next block.

Mining difficulty is re-calculated every 2016 blocks so that the pace of bitcoin production remains the same. But because Mars passed Saturn in the sky, this case is special and of particular intensity. This is because the miners are currently operating in the pre-halving context, with the understanding that very soon, likely on April 20th, their rewards for blocks mined will be cut in half with the halving.

The halving is now estimated to take place at about 4AM UTC on Saturday April 20th, when Moon will be opposing both Mars and Saturn from His transit in the sign of Leo.

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