Bitcoin Price Dropped To $8900 Suddenly On BitMEX When Mercury Passed Rahu In The Sky

Bitcoin Price Dropped To $8900 Suddenly On BitMEX When Mercury Passed Rahu In The Sky

On Monday March 18th while Moon transited in Gemini in kendra to the closely conjunct Mercury and Rahu in Pisces, a single individual sold almost 1000 bitcoins in batches of between 10 to 50 bitcoins each for three hours, on BitMEX. Due to this, bitcoin price fell to $8900.

This type of drop happens in this type of situation where on a single exchange a huge amount of the asset in question, in this case bitcoin, is being sold in a short period of time, meaning that it quickly triggers sell orders on the way down and if the liquidity on the exchange is not enough to support it, then it exhausts all the sell orders and because of this lower and lower sell and buy orders are triggered, in this case causing the price of bitcoin on BitMEX to drop to $8900 when it was in fact at about $60K.

BitMEX then launched an investigation and disabled withdrawals on the accounts that they were investigating in relation to this. 

Amazingly just 15 minutes before this was noticed and tweeted by a BitMEX user, is exactly when Mercury passed True Rahu in the sky. 

Budha Mercury rules trading, exchanges and finer accounting matters.

Mercury is the planet of the intellect and the functioning of Mercury determines the person’s mental brightness and mental agility. Mercury is a very easily influenced planet. He is considered the Prince amongst the planets and is related to youth. Rahu is related to criminal behavior because he likes to do things which break the rules. When Mercury is conjunct Rahu, it creates situations where people get very clever rule breaking ideas. Of course this can be put to use in different ways. 

Moon at the time of the BitMEX incident was in a lucky position in the sky, in the Taurus pada of Punarvasu Nakshatra. So in this case it looks to me that someone or probably more than one person had an idea to generate wealth for themself or themselves by triggering OR by placing lower buy orders. 

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