BlackRock Leads Securitize's $47 Million Funding Round, Real World Assets Tokenization Will Soon See Fame

BlackRock Leads Securitize's $47 Million Funding Round, Real World Assets Tokenization Will Soon See Fame

BlackRock, the most prominent asset manager on Earth led a funding round for Securitize, a real world assets tokenization firm that tokenizes BlackRock’s own BUIDL fund. $47 million was raised in the round.

Securitize announced completion of the funding on Wednesday, 1 May.

At that moment in the sky, the planet Jupiter travelled at beginning of the sign of Taurus, having entered the sign less than 8 hours previous.

The rishis divided the sky of an infinite radius extending outward from the center point, Earth into 12 equal sections or signs. Those equal sections began in specific places within groups of fixed stars, called Nakshatra. Sun’s entrance into those places produced observable shifts in the quality of light on Earth. Sun travels in each sign for one month, Jupiter for one year. So, Jupiter will transit for the next one year in Taurus.

The planet Jupiter, Dev Guru generates expansiveness on Earth. Taurus generates liquidity. For the next one year, formidable assets such as real estate and treasuries will become more liquid by way of firms like Securitize and others who will tokenize them, enabling their transfer between individuals as digital tokens.

BlackRock Managing Director and Head of Strategic Ecosystem Partnerships, Joseph Chalom was quoted in Securitize’s announcement saying “At BlackRock, we believe that tokenization has the potential to drive a significant transformation in capital markets infrastructure. Our investment in Securitize is another step in the evolution of our digital assets strategy. We are pleased to lead this investment round alongside other participants and help foster innovation that will help meet the future needs of our clients.”

Sun will be apparent in the sky at the beginning of Taurus, on Tuesday 14 May, UTC, upon entrance into the sign, generating further widespread recognition of real world asset tokenization as a new trend in Tradfi. Prominent Tradfi players will likely address the trend on television, making funds like BlackRock’s BUIDL more famous and sought after. 

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