“Blobscriptions” Have Chosen War On Ethereum

“Blobscriptions” Have Chosen War On Ethereum

On Wednesday March 27th and Thursday March 28th, blob transactions on Ethereum created congestion, as there can be only 6 blobs per Ethereum block. 

Blobs are a feature of Ethereum’s recent Dencun upgrade, allowing its Layer 2s to include transaction data off-chain in these blobs. They’re more cost-effective for the Layer 2s so they reduce L2 gas fees. 

The reason for the congestion was that people were making inscriptions on blobs a la BRC20 but on blobs. On Thursday, for example, these “blobscriptions” made up 40% of blob usage which was more than that of any one Layer 2.

On Wednesday March 27th when these “blobscriptions” introduced by a certain group on Twitter began taking over is when Moon opposed Mercury. Mercury, the intellect was in a distressed state, having just passed through the gandantha after a debilitated transit in Pisces accompanied by troublesome Rahu. 

All of this points to purposeful thwarting of the work of Ethereum devs, because blobs disappear after 18 days which means that making a “blobscription” does not result in any value accrual in the sense of making a cultural artifact that will become more sought after over time. 

Interestingly furthermore, the number 18 which is the number of days that a blob exists before disappearing, is related to the Nakshatra of Jyestha, which is the 18th Nakshatra. 

Currently this Nakshatra is under the 10th drishti of Saturn while being trined by Rahu. This means that this Nakshatra is undergoing a particular stress as the combination of Saturn and Rahu creates a severe type of dynamic.

Shani Dev Saturn rules gas, due to Their rulership of the petroleum industry. Rahu often corrupts.

When this particular Nakshatra is functioning improperly, it causes people to try to teach others lessons for the purpose of a personal vendetta rather than to benefit the person. This Nakshatra is typically a well-meaning Nakshatra, known as the elder sister, but just like any Nakshatra it can malfunction.

Further pointing to Rahu’s influence in this “blobscription” pandemonium is that many of them are images of cats. Cats are representations of Rahu on this Earth Plane.

Vitalik then posted on Farcaster on Thursday about future blobspace development, and this is a perfect example of the way that the Nakshatra Jyestha functions when it is in a healthy position, which is what Saturn’s 10th Drishti on Jyestha is currently trying to encourage. This is that people will try to improve themselves as a result of unpleasant lessons or obstacles, by expressing their own boundaries while transcending personal self-consciousness and consequently getting the benefits of doing so.

I See that during Mercury’s retrograde back into Pisces, which begins soon, there will be a lot more development of Dencun’s EIP-4844 standard which includes the blobspace.

This will not be easy at all, but when Mercury re-enters Pisces retrograde on Tuesday April 9th, Venus will be there. This creates a Neech Bhang Yoga which means that Mercury must face problems but the knowledge of Venus is accessible to Mercury and this knowledge allows Mercury to prevail. 

So I See that the next few months it looks like there is a lot of difficult work ahead for Ethereum developers. In fact I See that due to Venus entering Aries right as Mercury turns direct exactly on Rahu in Pisces, ETH devs will likely and would be wise to take a warrior like stance and this will be like a type of war. I See that the ETH devs will win this war in the first days or first week of May, when Mars transits Ethereum’s natal Ketu. 

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