BNB Token Price To Benefit From BNB Greenfield

BNB Token Price To Benefit From BNB Greenfield

On Monday January 31st, as Moon transited with Ketu in Mercury’s sign of Virgo, BNB chain published its 2024 roadmap, in which it introduces its “One-BNB multi-chain paradigm.”

This One-BNB paradigm places great importance on Greenfield, which is the BNB chain’s decentralized data and storage solution. Mercury’s colour is green.

Their aim with Greenfield is to make for a better developer experience and better smart contract performance.

As an Astrologer I would like to say that because the name Greenfield relates to Swati Nakshatra, which is symbolized by a blade of grass, and because Swati is receiving the dual aspect of Jupiter and Saturn, I See that BNB token price will benefit immensely from Greenfield. BNB is Greenfield’s utility token.

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