Chinese Miners Favor Ethiopia, As Saturn And Rahu Push Forth New Global Economic Order

Chinese Miners Favor Ethiopia, As Saturn And Rahu Push Forth New Global Economic Order

Ethiopia is now a major hub for foreign bitcoin mining companies, the majority of which are Chinese miners. The Chinese miners find Ethiopia ideal because of the low electricity costs and because it has the perfect climate for their machines. They say that Ethiopia will soon compare to Texas in terms of its appeal to miners. 

These foreign miners pay for their local electricity usage in foreign currency, so the Ethiopian government considers it worthwhile to have their business. This is because Ethiopia needs foreign currency to finance their dollar-denominated loans from the IMF and other lenders.

The aggressive nature with which these foreign miners are leaping in to get going in Ethiopia with their operations, is due to Rahu’s transit in the 12th sign, Pisces, of foreign lands. 

Shani Dev Saturn Who rules mining, is in Their own sign of Aquarius and is therefore strong, so miners such as the Chinese miners are getting good results from their initiatives. 

Rahu is revolutionary and, transiting towards Bitcoin’s natal Jupiter at the beginning of Pisces, is laying the groundwork for a new global order. 

Shani Dev’s strong position favors a fair global civilization, so it’s interesting how the new bitcoin economy is interfacing with IMF loan repayment in this case.

My book BITCOIN COUNTRIES which I published in August of 2023 and is available on, speaks about this new bitcoin world or bitcoin global order in which certain countries which are not considered central players on the global stage, will come into a new type of wealth because of the appeal of their natural resources, climate and so on to bitcoin miners.

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