Coinbase Crash Due To Something Much More Powerful Than Retail Arriving

Coinbase Crash Due To Something Much More Powerful Than Retail Arriving

On Wednesday February 28th, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong tweeted “We are dealing with a LARGE surge of traffic - apologies for any issues you encounter. The team is working to remediate.”

Wednesday was the bitcoin god candle day, when price surged to $64K and Coinbase had too much demand. This demand caused their app to malfunction and start showing zero balances to its users.  In response to this, Brian Armstrong tweeted that “We had modeled an [approximated] 10x surge in traffic and load tested it. This exceeded that number. It's expensive to keep services over-provisioned, but we'll need to keep working on auto-scaling solutions, and killing any remaining bottlenecks. Thank you for bearing with us,” once their platform started recovering from all this.

This is so interesting because on Wednesday, Mercury first passed Sun and then passed Saturn. Mercury passing Sun created some type of realization in people or groups of people which caused them to get onto Coinbase, and then Saturn created a limitation. 

Meanwhile Mars, related to determination and to going to battle had recently entered into Gemini in the Navamsha. Gemini is related to trading and it looks like Mars being in kendra to Jupiter aggrandized people’s determination to, I suppose, buy assets such as bitcoin.

Due to Mars’s placement in Shravana Nakshatra, on one hand it looks like the media or social media had a particular influence on people buying in. But on the other hand, due to the placement of Mercury 2nd from Mars in Shatabhisha Nakshatra, to me it really looks like there is an unseen element here, particularly at the nation state level. 

I saw this in advance, and this is why on Saturday February 24th I started tweeting, saying “we have etfs in the us, coming up in hk. but now what happens when certain economic alliances start buying bitcoin with commitment and dedication as reserves or to settle their trades? the etfs are etfs. nations are nations.” As an Astrologer I Saw that a big move was coming up much bigger than the etfs, related to national governments buying bitcoin.

As an Astrologer I would even say that the traffic on Coinbase on Wednesday was not simple domestic level retail but that something bigger was at play and even that a foreign government may have been buying in on Coinbase itself. 

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