Conflux Network's EVM Compatible Bitcoin Layer2 To Be Shaped By Saturn

Conflux Network's EVM Compatible Bitcoin Layer2 To Be Shaped By Saturn

Conflux Network has announced an EVM compatible Bitcoin Layer 2 solution. This reminds me of a prediction I made in the ETHEREUM BY 2026 book where a deep fusion between Ethereum and Bitcoin becomes apparent in the first part of 2025. If You are a high net worth investor then You might want to get yourself a copy of book on

But back to Conflux. Conflux’s Bitcoin Layer 2 will have its gas fees paid in bitcoin and will facilitate bridging various assets from Bitcoin onto Conflux’s Bitcoin Layer 2, where it looks like staking bitcoin will be possible. Conflux’s POS Consensus itself will act as an oracle that is able to provide Bitcoin metadata so that its on-chain smart contracts will have real-time access to events such as inscriptions being made on Bitcoin itself.

Conflux aims to launch their TestNet in February or March and their MainNet in May.

Shani Dev Saturn rules mining and by extension, gas fes.

March 23rd is when Shani Dev Saturn enters into Their retrograde shadow. So from March 23rd all the way until Tuesday February 18th of 2025, which is almost a full year, Conflux will have a lot of work to do.

But beginning February 18th onwards, Conflux and any projects like them pushing the Bitcoin Layer 2 limits, are going to be on solid footing.

So I would say I have just given You some decent crypto astro alpha here, and again for those of You who are professional investors I recommend checking out my BITCOIN BY 2026 and ETHEREUM BY 2026 books, available on 

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