Consensys launches pooled staking on MetaMask in move to benefit Ethereum on the short term

Consensys launches pooled staking on MetaMask in move to benefit Ethereum on the short term

MetaMask wallet now offers pooled ETH staking directly in-app, allowing users to stake whatever amount they want while maintaining full custody of their ether as it earns rewards. 

Consensys, the developer of MetaMask announced the new offering on Wednesday 12 June in a blog post. 

At that moment, Moon travelled in the sky in the Nakshatra or constellation of Magha, in kendra to Dev Guru Jupiter.

Dividing the sky of an infinite radius extending outward from the center point, Earth into 12 equal sections, kendra means the planets are at the same degree, 3, 6 or 9 sections displaced from each other. A person standing in a location on Earth where Moon was rising on the Eastern horizon when Consensys published its blog post, looking directly above or ahead could have seen Jupiter in the sky. 

When Moon is located in kendra to Jupiter in the sky, it generates successful manifestations due to an astute underlying vision. Moon was also located on Ethereum’s natal Venus, Who when activated typically benefits Ethereum, as per the research of Financial Astrologer Maya Raghavan, who has been tracking Ethereum for her clients since 2017.

The Ethereum protocol itself requires an individual to stake 32 ether to earn rewards as a validator. But MetaMask’s new offering along with liquid staking alternatives such as Lido or Rocketpool, let people with less ETH stake to their own validators and earn a portion of the rewards corresponding to how much they stake. Ethereum validators secure the Ethereum network by validating transactions.

Currently only under 28% of ETH is staked. So Consensys says that pooled staking on MetaMask will bring more people to ETH staking and diversify the validators which are currently relatively centralized amongst big players like Lido, Coinbase and others.

Nonetheless, pooled staking on MetaMask is not the same as solo staking. Vitalik Buterin recently stated that devs and researchers have been actively working on ways to make solo staking more attractive and accessible, so that solo stakers can make up much more of Ethereum, combatting staking centralization.


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