Crypto donations and RFK Jr. candidacy to become important in upcoming United States presidential election

Crypto donations and RFK Jr. candidacy to become important in upcoming United States presidential election

Donald Trump who hopes to win the Republican ticket for the United State’s presidential elections announced that he will accept donations in crypto via Coinbase Commerce.

This made the news, and generally there have been a significant amount of news stories and publicized statements related to crypto being an important topic that can effect who wins the US elections.

That’s also because the next day, on Wednesday May 22nd, 71 democrats voted to pass an act proposed by Republicans called the Financial Innovation and Technology for the 21st Century Act. That so many democrats helped this Republican proposed act finally pass suggests that they realize their stance on crypto is going to be important to their party winning the election. 

The act often referred to as FIT21 according to SEC Chairman Gary Gensler does away with the Howey Test which he has often cited as a reason for why he considers most cryptocurrencies to be securities, meaning they should be regulated by the SEC. It would give a lot more power to the United State’s Commodity Futures Trading Commission to regulate crypto.

Sixty US based firms such as Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini and Digital Currency Group signed a letter in support of it because they said that when regulated by the SEC, crypto firms are being held to standards for securities which are not relevant to crypto which is an emerging technology.

The Trump campaign announced the launch of their crypto fundraising campaign on Tuesday May 21st when Moon transited in the final Pisces pada of Swati Nakshatra. Swati is a Nakshatra related to business and Pisces which was where Moon was located together with Sun in the Navamsha, is related to donations because it’s the 12th sign of the zodiac which generates donation giving on Earth. 

Sun, the King around Whom all of the planets of our solar system orbit generates famous leaders on Earth. The Moon, Who reflects the Sun making it visible via its own medium to people on Earth, generates collective consciousness on Earth. The Navamsha is a special mathematical derivation of the real sky observed and verified by the jyothish over tens of thousands of years to be highly effective in prediction making.

The United States presidential election happens on Tuesday November 5th of this year, 2024. Sun on this date will be in the exact same place in the sky, the Pisces pada of the Nakshatra of Swati, where Moon transited when the Trump crypto fundraiser was announced on Tuesday May 21st.

This shows that fundraising will be a deciding factor of this election and it shows that accepting crypto donations could also be a deciding factor.

Beginning on Monday June 17th when Moon returns to Swati Nakshatra and opposes Mars in the sky, this topic will become important again. It’s likely that at this moment Biden will take a clear stance on crypto donations.

It’s also likely that more of a spotlight starts shining on Robert F Kennedy Jr. This is because the same day that FIT21 passed, Elon Musk reply tweeted “sure” to a tweet by RFK Jr. saying that the presidential debate between himself, Trump and Biden should happen on X. RFK Jr. initially saught a Democratic nomination for the upcoming election but then switched to Independent. He has been vocal about being pro crypto for a long time and began accepting crypto donations one year ago in May of 2023.

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