Crypto Industry Must Teach Policy Makers To Win Against Rampant SEC

Crypto Industry Must Teach Policy Makers To Win Against Rampant SEC

The SEC issued a Wells Notice to Uniswap, on Wednesday April 10th, the day that Mars passed Saturn in the sky. A Wells Notice means that the SEC will be bringing charges against Uniswap.

Uniswap founder Hayden Adams said he was “annoyed, disappointed and ready to fight.”

Mangal Mars is the General of the Army of the Gods. He is testosterone and masculinity and in this sense is represented by warfare as a physical and aggressive act.

When Mars meets restriction He is typically refueled. In personal life it’s important to go forward from any setbacks of a Mars Saturn transit in a steady type of way, because if the person explodes then it can damage their own structure, since Saturn is present and creates formal restriction and is also very strong due to being cold and condensed.

Sun enters Mars’s sign of Aries beginning on Saturday April 13th so when You see this episode Sun will already be in Aries. Sun is leaders and CEOs such as people like Hayden Adams or other industry leaders. Sun is exalted in Aries meaning that these people will get more strength and this will be conducive to Mars ie. the crypto industry fighting well. The crypto industry in particular represents Mars on the Earth plane because of the amount of young men in the crypto industry—Mars is young men.

I See that Thursday the 18th and Friday the 19th will be important for the crypto industry’s current battles because on this day, Mercury retrogrades past Venus in Pisces, second from Saturn meaning that helpful information can be offered on these days to regulators which can aide in the long term battles. 

Furthermore as Jupiter will be transiting third from Mars on those days, key players in the industry should be investing in their relationships with policy makers who can create a new mindset of nurturing the sustainable growth of the industry by way of new policy. It is almost like the industry needs to adopt a teaching role to policy makers themselves and this is the key to success due to Jupiter’s upcoming entrance into Krittika, 3rd from Mars in the sky.

However it is likely that the process will be frustrating for the next while until the last part of May when Venus will pass Sun in Taurus. Until then it can be a frustrating battle. In my predictive books which You can find here on, you can read what I predict for the end of May for bitcoin and ether. I do See a positive outcome.

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