Crypto Inheritance Solutions Will Flourish This Bull Run

Crypto Inheritance Solutions Will Flourish This Bull Run

On Wednesday March 27th, Casa which is an OG crypto custody provider that uses multisig wallets for bitcoin, ether, USDT and USDC, introduced Casa Inheritance.

Casa Inheritance is a way for a person to designate a beneficiary so that after they die, their beneficiary is able to access their self-custodied wallet.

An individual designates a beneficiary who then receives a special version of the individuals in-phone private key, one of the three keys in Casa’s multisig design, which is encrypted. When the individual dies, the beneficiary gets access to the funds, after a 6 month period where the individual can revoke access in the case that they’re not really dead. 

Shukracharaya Venus rules gift giving and relationships due to His rulership of the 2nd and 7th zodiacal signs, which signify those things respectively. He is also exalted in the 12th House which relates to spiritual expansion.

When Casa introduced Casa Inheritance on Wednesday, Moon trined Mars in the sky, activating the 2nd and 7th Houses from Moon relating to gift giving and to relationships due to Venus’s rulership of the natural 2nd and 7th signs of the zodiac.

Venus and Jupiter had been transiting within the same 3° orb over the past days with Jupiter 3rd from Venus who will soon become exalted. This means that Venus has been utilizing Jupiter’s knowledge for their own ends relating to gift giving and relationships. Jupiter furthermore has been transiting in the Nakshatra of Bharani, ruled by Venus and relating to the transition from life to between lives and vice-versa.


As Venus is about to become exalted in the natural 12th sign of Pisces, relating again to death and spiritual expansion, and since Jupiter is soon in May to move into the natural 2nd sign, Taurus, ruled by Venus and relating to gift giving, I See that Casa’s new offering is timely and that this will become a more mainstream theme starting very soon, with different options offered by different firms. 

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