Crypto "Smart Money" Is Currently Risk-On, Which Means Bull Run

Crypto "Smart Money" Is Currently Risk-On, Which Means Bull Run

Nansen which is a crypto data analytics platform sees that “smart money” or basically VCs, funds and the like, are entering into risk-on mode. 

They say this because these smart money wallets are currently holding under 9% of their holdings in stablecoins and the remaining over 90% in crypto holdings. 

The last time smart money wallets were holding such a low percentage of their assets in stables was in January of 2022. This was when Jupiter transited in the area of Aquarius where Saturn recently turned direct. 

I spoke extensively on this in Episode 25 of THE CRYPTO ASTROLOGY PODCAST, but basically in that episode I explained that once Saturn passes this zone in Aquarius, namely 8º, which is again where smart money was last only 9% in stables, this is when the full bull run will get started. 

That happened in mid-December of 2023, when bitcoin got started on the bullish 2-drive that on January 11th took bitcoin price to just shy of 49K. 


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