DeFi Platform Pendle’s TVL Is Now 4 Billion Benefiting From Ketu Transit

DeFi Platform Pendle’s TVL Is Now 4 Billion Benefiting From Ketu Transit

The Defi protocol Pendle has been making the news because on Tuesday April 2nd when Moon transited in Sagittarius in kendra to Ketu, Pendle had a trading volume of 400 million dollars.

Pendle is a platform that lets people trade their underlying asset and its yeild separately as well as their points earned on Ether liquid restaking protocols. Total value locked on Pendle has now reached 4 billion dollars.

This token is related to Ketu’s transit through Chitra Nakshatra in Virgo, which happened from the end of November of 2023, through to the first half of February of 2024. This is because Ketu creates unexpected multiplicities and passing through Chitra in Virgo passes through the territories which sound “po” such as points and “pe” such as Pendle.

As Pendle made the news for its total value locked while Moon transited in kendra to the eclipse degree, I See that this platform is going to continue to be powerful. I mentioned this token at the end of my book SHININGBULL ALTCOINS 2024 but this is a coin which due to its power can also have big surprises happen to it so if you invest in this coin without being active on the platform then you have to make sure that you are upto date with what’s going on.

None of this is financial advice but as an Astrologer I See that this token can have extreme gains this bull run. On the shorter term I do See that there can be a serious downward price correction starting on Tuesday April 23rd when Venus exits Pisces and enters Aries. 

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