Dencun Is Yet To Affect ETH Price, But Soon It Will

Dencun Is Yet To Affect ETH Price, But Soon It Will

On Wednesday March 13th, Ethereum devs successfully released the Dencun upgrade on mainnet. 

This happened as Venus opposed Ethereum’s natal Venus, while Sun trined natal Mars. Ethereum’s natal Mars is powerful in the final Gemini pada of Punarvasu Nakshatra, and acts to overcome Ethereum’s problems.

Dencun on Ethereum lets its Layer 2s use “blobs” which are groups of data that are off-chain. They allow Layer 2s to include more data in their transactions without hampering Ethereum block processing. Using the blobs instead of the previous call-data route in turn reduces gas fees for these Layer 2s.

On Wednesday, Moon was transiting with Jupiter, which increases luck. Currently, Saturn is aspecting Jupiter with Their 3rd aspect, related to making a lot of effort.

Shani Dev Saturn rules gas due to Their rulership of the petroleum industry.

Jupiter has been transiting in Saturn’s 3rd Drishti since Christmas of last year 2023. Jupiter’s transit is happening in Ethereum’s 6th House, and the 6th House is also related to fees because it is related to taxes, for example.

In my book ETHEREUM BY 2026 I mention that once Jupiter exits Saturn’s 3rd Drishti on Sunday of next week, ETH price is going to start responding favorably because of the repercussions of this upgrade. And generally You will notice that in your personal lives, a big blockade is going to be removed relating to Your own progress in life.

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