Developments Likely In Orbit Chain's Search For Bridge Hacker Within Next 7 Days

Developments Likely In Orbit Chain's Search For Bridge Hacker Within Next 7 Days

As an Astrologer, I See that there will be further developments on Wednesday 17 January and on Monday 22 January relating to the hack of Orbit Chain's Bridge.

On Wednesday 17 January when Mars reaches Sun's degree at the time of the hack, as Moon transits with Rahu in the sky, there is likely to be a strong pursuit of the hacker taking place.

On Monday 22 January when Mercury reaches Sun's previous degree, something important will reveal itself. However, due to the influence of Rahu and Ketu on the Moon on both dates, this does not look like an easy process for Orbit Chain.

On Sunday December 31st, while Moon trined Jupiter in the sky bringing insight and Mars transited in the Aries pada of Mula Nakshatra, a place in the center of our galaxy which encourages deep investigations, a person on Crypto Twitter by the name Kgir tweeted that it looked like Orbit Chain’s cross-chain bridge was being drained of funds. Sun was transiting at 15º36' of Sagittarius.

Mangal Mars rules the battlefield.

Jupiter’s aggrandizing presence in Aries in the sky, where Mars transited in Navamsha gave confidence to the hacker and at the same time, enhanced the capabilities of people like Kger to spot the hack occuring.

South Korean Orbit Bridge lost 81.5 million dollars in the hack. They announced the deadline for negotiations with their hackers would be Thursday January 11th, which is the day Mercury, who rules communications, passed that same degree point where Mars transited during the hack. However, that deadline passed without the hacker making contact according to a tweet by Orbit Chain.


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