Do Kwon To Be Extradited To SK Instead Of To USA

Do Kwon To Be Extradited To SK Instead Of To USA

On Thursday March 7th, South Korea’s National Police Agency made an official request to Interpol, to help in the extradition of Do Kwon to Korea before the US. This is because they say that they requested his extradition before the United States did.

Thursday is the day that Moon transited with Mars, Who trined Ketu. Ketu creates multiplicity by splitting things into numerous replicas, and Mars is law enforcement.

Ketu has been transiting in Virgo, the natural 6th sign of enemies. So one could say that Do Kwon’s enemies doubled, however, Ketu in the 6th sign also alludes to the destruction of enemity, as Ketu in the 6th House will typically destroy problems in a clipping type of way.

Swiftly also on Thursday, the Montenegro High Court ruled in favor of Do Kwon being extradited to his home country of South Korea. Now, instead of being sent to the US to face the SEC’s fraud charges, he’s heading off to South Korea to face their fraud charges.

I See that Do Kwon is going to get lucky in some sense so although this looks like a difficult time for him, it also looks like he is going to have some type of help that will improve his situation.

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