EigenLayer Now 3rd Largest Holder Of Lido Staked Eth

EigenLayer Now 3rd Largest Holder Of Lido Staked Eth

Lido is the largest ETH staker, they represent 31.7% of all ether staked. They have 5.9 ETH staked which at current prices would be over 14 billion dollars worth.

EigenLayer is now the 3rd largest holder of Lido staked eth, or stETH,which is the token that individuals receive from Lido when they delegate ether to Lido to stake on their behalf, in a 1:1 ratio.

Surya Dev the Sun is our most powerful Leaders and represents liquid reserves due to ruling the banking sector.

On Monday February 5th as Moon trined Rahu in the sky while Sun opposed Ethereum’s natal Mercury, EigenLayer temporarily lifted its cap on deposits from liquid staking protocols such as Lido, and in the days up until Friday when they reinstated the cap, their deposits skyrocketed, and a huge fraction of those deposits were of Lido’s stETH.

In my book ETHEREUM BY 2026 which I wrote and published in 2022, I mention that EigenLayer will play an important role in the future of Ethereum, making some predictions and giving an important warning to developers. 

However, regarding the shorter term, on Saturday April 27th of 2024, I See that EigenLayer will likely take the next step in its plan to permanently lift the cap for deposits of liquid staking tokens. I See that at this moment a huge inflow of deposits will initiate. This will be due to Sun's transit in the sky at that moment in relation to where Jupiter transited at the first provisional uncapping on February 5th.

As mentioned in my book, EigenLayer will be hugely successful, it will inspire changes to Ethereum, and will subsequently on the longer term pose a potentially existential to the entire global financial system. For this reason, I urge all ethereum developers to read my book ETHEREUM BY 2026.

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