El Salvador launches its own mempool so anyone can track its bitcoin reserves, as Jupiter begins one year in Taurus

El Salvador launches its own mempool so anyone can track its bitcoin reserves, as Jupiter begins one year in Taurus

El Salvador’s Bitcoin Office launched its own mempool space and now anyone can see everything about their bitcoin treasury holdings, including the blocks that they have mined and are mining.

When on The Bitcoin Office tweeted the announcement on Sunday May 12th, the planet Saturn had just entered a new pada, the second pada of the constellation or Nakshatra named Purvabhadrapada by the rishis. 

The rishis divided the sky of an infinite radius extending outward from the center point, Earth into 27 groups of fixed stars, called Nakshatra. Moon’s entrance into each of those star groups generated events on Earth with common characteristics with which they became identified. When the planets become apparent in each given Nakshatra, the rishis noted that they similarly generated events on Earth, in unique ways depending on the planet. The rishis divided each Nakshatra into four padas, and each of these padas correspond to an astrological sign within a special derivation of the physical sky called the Navamsha.

The planet Saturn generates mining on Earth. Amongst the visible planets Saturn, neuter or genderless, is the planet Who orbits furthest out into space from the Sun. Saturn is the child of Sun and Chhaya, shadow. For this reason, Saturn is represented on Earth by everything black, including petroleum. This is one reason why Saturn generates mining. 

The Nakshatra of Purvabhadrapada is located in the Saturn ruled air element sign of Aquarius which due to its air element relates more specifically to the type of mining that computers do on blockchains than to underground mining. Purvabhadrapada, ruled by Jupiter, generates the type of destruction necessary to bring forth a new landscape or new normative policy, “norm,” on Earth. The second pada of Purvabhadrapada, where Saturn entered at the moment of El Salvador’s Bitcoin Office’s announcement is located in Taurus in the Navamsha. Taurus and therefore this particular pada of Purvabhadrapada generates liquid wealth. 

Sun a few days later on Tuesday May 14th would enter into the sign of Taurus in the sky. Sun is the King, represented by heads of state on Earth. This means that Saturn was supporting the backdrop of events that Sun would begin to activate upon His entrance into Taurus.

According to Reuters “the miners Foundry USA, Ant pool, ViaBTC, F2Pool and Binance Pool pooled their resources to win a reward for opening a blockchain that can verify the last three years of bitcoin transactions originating from the power plant,” refering to Volcano Energy, a power plant which runs on geothermal energy generated by El Salvador’s Tecapa volcano.

Although that Reuters article does not seem to be written by a crypto native, it can be inferred that the Bitcoin Office’s new mempool is a result of that join initiative by said mining pools. Saturn’s presence in Taurus in the Navamsha of the sky, where Sun entered in the real sky is the reason why El Salvador’s government was given a helping hand by resident mining pools. The Navamsha again is a special mathematical derivation of the real sky discovered by the rishis.

When Sun entered Taurus, He immediately began to approach Jupiter, Who is currently located at the beginning of that sign. Jupiter generates new policy on Earth. Sun will pass Jupiter today, Saturday May 18th, which will activate Jupiter’s effects on Earth. For the next year, until mid-May of 2025, Jupiter’s presence in Taurus will generate an entirely new norm where various forms of national liquidity become transparent and trackable by civilians on blockchains.

Furthermore as I wrote in the very special book BITCOIN COUNTRIES, El Salvador is going to become an example to countries around the world.

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