ERC-404 Tokens, Profitable Fruits Of Venus And Ketu

ERC-404 Tokens, Profitable Fruits Of Venus And Ketu

On Friday February 2nd, four developers created the first “semi-fungible” token, called Pandora after having created the ERC-404 standard which underlies it. 

At the moment of Pandora’s creation, Moon transited in Libra, sign of the marketplace ruled by Shukracharya, Venus Who transited in the 3rd House from Moon. The 3rd House is trading. 

Shukracharya, Venus Who rules the arts including NFTs and payments was in the Virgo pada of Purvaashadha Nakshatra, which is related to expansive waters or liquidity. 

Ketu, transiting in Virgo in the sky where Shukracharya transited in the Navamsha, was creating an environment of crazy multiplicities which is what He is known for.

ERC-404 tokens like Pandora work like this: if you buy a whole token, then an NFT linked to that token is minted into your wallet. If you buy a fraction of a token, then the NFT linked to the token is not minted, instead it is burned.

But if you later add enough pandora to total one full token, then an NFT is minted. That NFT won’t be the same as the NFT that corresponded to the token, part of which you bought in the beginning, because since you only bought part of it, its NFT was burned.

This means that valuation of any given pandora token has a new random element thrown into it, because the underlying NFT can potentially change to another one with a different degree of rarity. This playfully crazy aspect to ERC-404 is why its creators think that tokens built on it would find a good use case in DeFi gaming.

At the same time, the token standard makes it easy to fractionalize NFT ownership, and it also ensures that any NFT will always have underlying liquidity, which makes them much easier to trade. Ie. instead of looking for somone interested in buying your specific NFT, you just sell the token that it is bound to.

As an Astrologer, I See that beginning March 7th of this year 2024, when Venus enters Aquarius, ERC-404 tokens will get a big boost. These tokens and their incorporation into GameFi will be an interesting investment category this bull run.

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