ETH Devs Want To "Pump The Gas" As Guru Transit Lessens Self Restraint

ETH Devs Want To "Pump The Gas" As Guru Transit Lessens Self Restraint

On Tuesday March 19th as Mars transited 8th from Moon, while Moon trined Ethereum’s natal Saturn, Ethereum dev Eric Connor and Mariano Conti formerly of MakerDAO put forth an effort to increase the Ethereum gas limit to 40 million units of gas, because they say that it will result in a fee reduction on the Layer 1 of up to 33% without endangering the network.

This is because it will increase the amount of computation that can be spent on creating one block on Ethereum and to do this, validators or stakers simply have to alter their own configurations. 

Shani Dev Saturn rules gas, due to Their rulership of the petroleum industry. The 8th House where Mars was transiting in relation to the Moon when the devs put forth this initiative is also related to the petroleum industry. Moon’s transit activated Mars’s degree, setting off the 10th and 5th Houses from Moon, Aries and Scorpio both ruled by Mars.

The 10th House relates to the manifestation of destiny and this is where Jupiter was transiting in Aries in relation to the Moon on that day.

Aries where Jupiter is currently transiting is Ethereum’s 6th House and the 6th House represents work, tasks and also fees due to its representing taxes. Tuesday was just two days before Jupiter would leave Shani Dev’s 3rd aspect.

Jupiter finally leaving Shani Dev’s 3rd aspect means that generally people will be wanting to have more fun. Jupiter is optimism and now that He is out of Saturn’s drishti, people want to let go of restraints. At the same time, that very time within Saturn’s drishti is what has prepared us to do so with the proper understanding.

Vitalik first supported this idea of lowering Ethereum gas fees by 33% in an AMA on Reddit, on January 10th, less than 2 weeks after Dev Guru had turned direct after having retrograded towards Saturn’s degree.

Pumpthegas is now a hashtag on Twitter used by devs posting on the adoption of this effort besides being a website, which gives instructions on how stakers, validators and pools can increase the gas limits in their respective clients.

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