Ethereum Dencun Upgrade Is A Bull Run Catalyst

Ethereum Dencun Upgrade Is A Bull Run Catalyst

In my book ETHEREUM BY 2026, which was published in 2022, I included some valuable points of astrological research. One point I made was that Ethereum upgrades are indicators of bull runs in the same way as bitcoin halvings. I give the astrological reasons for this, and it’s fascinating.

Recently, as many of you are likely aware, Ethereum has been in the testnet phase of its Dencun Upgrade. The Ethereum devs like naming their upgrades after a combination of a star and a city. This one is a combination of the star Denebola and the city Cancun, hence Dencun. Denebola is the star of Uttaraphalguni Nakshatra, where Ethereum’s natal Rahu is placed.

I have spoken extensively on how Ethereum’s natal Rahu is directly related to everything gas for ether.

One aim of Dencun is to reduce gas fees on L2s or rollups, which will mean more activity on Ethereum as a whole and thereby make Ethereum more competitive. 

On one hand, since it uses a new mechanism referred to as blobs, it makes gas much cheaper for L2s to pay and since ETH gas fees are burned, the immediate effect is less deflation. 

However, since it aims to attract more usage due to this new, low gas blobspace, the idea is that it will make Ethereum a more solid choice and thereby increase overall usage of the network, and thereby increase ether deflation which is conducive to ETH price increasing. 

What I wanted to tell you is that in my book ETHEREUM BY 2026, which again I wrote and published in 2022, I mention a specific date near the end of March of 2024, when Mars will be opposing Ethereum’s natal Venus. In the book I say and I quote “ETH price does go up. This is related to an improvement made to the Ethereum platform by its devs.”

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