Foreign Real Estate Purchases With Crypto Will Be More Strictly Legislated By April Of The Year 2025

Foreign Real Estate Purchases With Crypto Will Be More Strictly Legislated By April Of The Year 2025

By March or April of 2025, the legal landscape for foreign real estate purchases using cryptocurrencies will be much different.

Chandra the Moon rules real estate and travel.

Moon is also related to cows, because cows’ milk has nourished human beings for thousands of years and Moon is the one Who nourishes the individual.

Several years ago on Tuesday March 2nd, 2021, not too long before the first of bitcoin’s double-tops during the last bull run, the Montenegran platform hosted the sale of a cow in exchange for bitcoin.

It was a historic moment, and occurred when Moon transited in Virgo, in trine to Rahu Who transited in Rohini Nakshatra, in an almost exact trine to closely conjunct Jupiter and Mercury in Shravana Nakshatra, related to media communications. All four of these planets were together in the Moon’s sign Cancer in the Navamsha. 

That Nakshatra where Rahu transited at that moment, Rohini, is located in the middle of the sign Taurus, and is deeply related to cattle, too, and by way of this relationship, to wealth, as cattle throughout much of human civilization has signified wealth.

A recently published article on mentions that historic transaction and explains how several luxury real estate transactions in Montenegro especially involving foreigners, have been carried out in crypto over the past few years, and that this has become more and more prevalent.

I predict that by mid-April of 2025, when Jupiter transits that same Nakshatra of Rohini where Rahu was when a cow was bought in Montenegro for bitcoin, the purchase of foreign real estate using crypto will have become much more prevalent.

In March and April of 2025, there are many planets in the natural 12th sign of Pisces, which signifies foreign lands and is ruled by Jupiter. There will be important legislative actions carried out because of this, related to the purchase of foreign real estate with crypto.

However at the same moment, Mars enters into debilitation in Cancer. Mars often represents real-estate because of His relationship with earth and land. So it looks like around that time, there will be a lot more restrictions enforced regarding the purchase of foreign real estate using crypto.

Although this is not legal or financial advice whatsoever, as an Astrologer I would say that probably people who make their foreign real estate purchases before Jupiter enters Rohini, which happens this year on Thursday June 13th of 2024 might evade these oncoming restrictions, but that beginning mid-June of this year, slowly but surely the relationship between crypto and foreign real estate is going to be looked at by policy makers. 

Beginning Thursday June 13th of 2024 those purchasing foreign real estate with crypto would do well to keep up to date with unfolding legislation. By March or April of 2025, the legal landscape for such transactions will be much different.

Anyone who runs a crypto real estate company should also start strategizing for this eventuality now. Again, I’m just speaking as an Astrologer. 

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