Future Outcome Of SEC Probe On Ethereum Foundation Will Surprise Many

Future Outcome Of SEC Probe On Ethereum Foundation Will Surprise Many

On Wednesday March 20th, when Moon transited 8th from Venus, the block.co reported that on Monday February 26th an Ethereum Foundation front-end developer posted a commit on GitHub, which removed the warrant canary from its website. 

A commit on GitHub is like a snapshot of your project's files and directories at a specific point in time. When you make changes to your project, such as adding, removing, or updating files, you "commit" these changes, which records them in the project's history.

A warrant canary is used by tech and digital rights organizations. It originated as a response to laws that allow government agencies to issue secret requests for information, and potentially prevent the recipient from disclosing the request. By publishing a regular statement that no such requests have been received, and then ceasing to publish this statement if a request is received, organizations can indirectly alert their users to the fact of the request.

So the idea is that the firm keeps the warrant canary up showing that they haven’t been given a secret request for information and then when they are given a secret request they remove the warrant canary. So this way they aren’t breaking the law but at the same time they’re letting their users know that privacy has been compromised.

On February 26th when the Ethereum Foundation removed its warrant canary, Moon transited Ethereum’s natal Rahu. Ethereum’s natal Rahu is in its 11th House and this position typically will create a situation where the person or entity becomes famous or blamed for something that they did not do or did not knowingly do. On this date, when the Ethereum Foundation removed its warrant canary, Mars and Venus transited in Capricorn in kendra to Dev Guru.

Mangal Mars is represented on the Earth Plane by the detective and the policeman.

In fact, this was the day that Mars passed exact kendra to Dev Guru in the sky. Two days later, Mercury passed Sun and then Saturn in Shatabhisha Nakshatra, which meant that a secret message was being delivered from administrators to groups of people, as Sun is administrators, Mercury brings messages, and Saturn in Aquarius is societal groups. The Nakshatra of Shatabhisha where the three planets were located is related to well-kept secrets.

However, on this day, February 26th, Moon transited with Ethereum’s natal Mars exactly 10th fom it. Ethereum’s natal Mars is placed powerfully in its 8th House in the vargottama Gemini pada of Punarvasu and functions to put an end to Ethereum’s problems. Because Mars rules the sign of Aries where Dev Guru Jupiter is transiting in Ethereum’s 6th House, and because Jupiter in turn rules Ethereum’s 2nd and 5th Houses of money and wealth, I See that in fact, this is going to have a positive outcome for Ethereum. This outcome will be the result of proper knowledge. 

This means that in the end the presumably SEC’s search for information from the Ethereum Foundation will properly inform them in such a way that makes ETH price go up. Apparently the SEC has been issuing subpoenas to entities which have previously dealt with the Ethereum Foundation, and we are currently in the period where the SEC Is due to make decisions on spot ETH ETF filings. In fact I am recording this podcast on Friday the 22nd so by the time you see this there will have already been good news for Ethereum and ether price, as per predictions in my book ETHEREUM BY 2026.

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