GME rallies after Roaring Kitty tweets for first time since historic 2021 short squeeze, new move likely when Mars passes Rahu in sky

GME rallies after Roaring Kitty tweets for first time since historic 2021 short squeeze, new move likely when Mars passes Rahu in sky

On Sunday 12 May a Twitter account named Roaring Kitty associated with the group of individuals who catalyzed the famous Gamestop short squeeze of 2021, tweeted for the first time since the end of the subsequent 2021 meme stock run that they in some way created. As a result of the tweet, which was a gaming meme showing a man holding a gaming controller leaning forward out of a silhouette of himself, GME stock price rose from $26.34 at market open to a high of $64.83 on Tuesday. 

When Roaring Kitty tweeted on Sunday, Sun was passing Uranus in the sky, traveling at the end of Aries, soon to join Jupiter at the beginning of the next sign of Taurus. 

At that moment, Sun was trining the place where Sun was located on Wednesday 13 January 2021 when GME started its historic shorts squeezing run to its all time intraday high of $120.75 two weeks later. In other words on Sunday, Sun was at the exact same degree four zodiac signs displaced from His location on Wednesday 13 January 2021. 

Sun on that date had also been traveling at the end of Sagittarius, soon to join Jupiter at the beginning of the next sign of Capricorn. When He started transiting Jupiter on 22 January 2021 is when GME started showing strongly bullish candles on the daily chart, climbing towards the all time high. 

On Sunday at the moment of Roaring Kitty’s tweet, Moon was traveling in kendra to Mercury, who had recently entered the sign of Aries after having transited closely and extensively with Rahu in Pisces travelling forward backward and forward again. 

This means that the current GME run was likely conceptualized or planned between mid-March when Mercury began traveling with Rahu, and Sunday when Roaring Kitty tweeted.

Dividing the sky of an infinite radius extending outward from the center point, Earth into 12 equal sections, kendra means the planets are at the same degree, 3, 6 or 9 sections displaced from each other. At the moment Roaring Kitty tweeted a person standing in a location on Earth where Moon was rising on the Eastern horizon turning the head directly above or ahead, would have seen Mercury.

Mercury is the Prince and the Student, and is easily influenced by any other planet with Whom He transits closely in the sky. The planet that orbits closest to Sun, the King, Mercury is also the Accountant and the Trader. Mercury was being influenced by Rahu Who as a perpetually shifting mathematical point derived from the intersection of the Moon's orbit with the apparent path of the Sun, likes to work in unclear ways.

On Monday 13 May, GME stock was halted four times for volatility in its first half-hour of trading. This is because Ketu, who generates the action of sharp cutting on Earth, is currently transiting in Mercury’s sign of Virgo. Ketu is the mathematical point at the opposite zodiac sign to Rahu at all times.

On Tuesday 21 May, UTC, the planet Mars will be apparent in the same place in the sky where Mercury turned direct at almost the exact celestial longitude of Rahu during His transit in Pisces. 

As the planet closest to Earth in terms of surface composition, Mars generates physical results on Earth and because of this typically forces clarity regarding any events that Rahu generates on Earth.

After Sunday’s tweet, Roaring Kitty has been tweeting various types of battle scenes. This shows that Mars is generating Roaring Kitty’s actions on Earth. 

It is likely that GME begins its next significant move on Tuesday 21 May, or as early as Sunday 19 May when Sun passes Jupiter in Taurus and Mars passes Rahu in the sky.

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