Hedgehog's Derivative Gas Fee Token Will Spice Up Life On Ethereum

Hedgehog's Derivative Gas Fee Token Will Spice Up Life On Ethereum

A protocol called Hedgehog, which will emit a derivative token called BaseFee that tracks real-time Ethereum gas fees, completed its pre-seed funding round on Wednesday March 6th.

The idea is that people will be able to go long or short in speculation of future ETH gas price.

On Wednesday when they completed their pre-seed, Moon transited right on Ethereum’s natal Moon, and in the third position from Ethereum’s natal Saturn, very close in degree. Ethereum’s natal Saturn is retrograde and is beneficial to ETH price largely due to ETH gas fees. Shani Dev Saturn rules gas, due to ruling the petroleum industry.

Venus and Mercury at the time were at almost the exact degree of ETH’s natal Mars in an interesting configuration in the sky. ETH’s natal Mars strongly positioned in its 8th House typically acts to remove its problems. I have noticed everything I’m telling you as an Astrologer who has closely tracked how ETH’s natal planets work for it over the past seven years.

To me, Hedgehog protocol looks quite interesting and I plan on keeping up to date with their progress. It looks like they will add a new dynamic into the market which in the end will benefit Ethereum, but in an eccentric fashion.

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