Here Is What's Next After Bitcoin Spot ETF Fee Wars And Approvals

Here Is What's Next After Bitcoin Spot ETF Fee Wars And Approvals

In the days leading up to the approval of eleven spot bitcoin etfs in the USA, the various asset managers entered into highly competitive ETF fee wars.

Since all of the etfs were presumably to begin trading on the same day, one of the best ways to be competitive was by differentiating themselves from each other with regards to their expense ratio.

Their competition went right to the very day of the approval. On Wednesday January 10th, BlackRock and Ark Investment lowered their fees even further, BlackRock to charge only 0.12% for the first year or up to the first 5 billion in assets. And Ark Investment to charge 0.21% but only after the first 6 months or first $1billion, during which time they will waive the fee completely.

Budha Mercury rules trading, exchanges and finer accounting matters.

During all of this, Budha Mercury was transiting in His retrograde shadow, the area of the zodiac where He retrograded through, in the days from Wednesday December 13th when He first turned retrograde at 14º17’ of Sagittarius, all the way through to present, when He continues to transit in that zone.

On Sunday January 21st, Budha Mercury will return to 14º17’ after having retrograded and returned from that point. At this moment, spot etf markets will enter into a new dynamic.

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