Indonesia's New Leadership Further Its Cryptocurrency Related Destiny

Indonesia's New Leadership Further Its Cryptocurrency Related Destiny

On Wednesday February 14th, major news media outlets including CoinDesk reported that the winner of the Indonesian presidential election had been decided, due to claiming 60% of the quick counts taken by independent polling services.

The winner is Indonesia’s former defense minister Prabowo Subianto. Subianto’s running mate Gibran Rakabuming Raka. The former has stated intentions to improve tax regulation oversight for crypto traders and the latter stated that they wanted to support young blockchain and crypto professionals to facilitate a new generation of crypto experts.

A long time ago I did some reports for a very special client about Indonesia’s future, so I have the birth chart of this country. On the 14th when election results were announced, Sun was opposing Indonesia’s natal Sun in its fourth house of homeland. Mars and Venus trined natal Jupiter. Saturn is currently transiting in trine to natal Rahu. This looks like an important election for Indonesia, particularly related to crypto and technology, because Indonesia’s natal Rahu is located in Ardra Nakshatra.

I made a video ten months ago, it seems like another lifetime, I don’t know if it happens to you that time goes so fast. But this video is titled “Crypto In Indonesia. Crypto Astro News!” and in it I say that Bitcoin has the potential to significantly transform Indonesia's future. I explained that Indonesia is currently in its Rahu Mahadasha, and that Indonesian leaders should be methodical, thorough, and careful with the endeavor of the President Joko Widodo to create a national cryptocurrency exchange. 

I said that if managed correctly, Indonesia could become a key player in the crypto industry, especially considering the upcoming dual aspects of Saturn and Jupiter in Indonesia's natal chart. Interestingly the new or upcoming vice president Gibran Rakabuming Raka is the eldest son of the current President Joko Widodo. 

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