Japan Aims To Stop Fraud On Crypto Exchanges As Mars Makes Rahu's Deceptions Apparent

Japan Aims To Stop Fraud On Crypto Exchanges As Mars Makes Rahu's Deceptions Apparent

On Wednesday February 14th, the day after Sun entered Aquarius, as Moon transited in kendra to Mars, the Japanese Financial Services Agency asked its financial institutions to “further strengthen their user’s protection” by “stopping transfers to crypto-asset exchange service providers if the sender’s name is different from the account name.”

Crypto news media platform CoinTelegraph asked the Agency for clarification to determine whether this would endanger peer to peer crypto transactions between individuals in Japan. 

The Agency replied to their inquiry, saying that this was not their aim. Rather their aim is to stop situations where a sender is instructed by a receiver to change their name to that of the receiver, so that a crypto exchange will accept their transfer to their account. 

This is because the Japanese Financial Services Agency was informed by the National Police Agency, that fraud by way of illegal money transfers has been happening primarily on crypto exchanges. The new request of the Jpaanese Financial Services Agency or FSA is so that banks will help in stopping clients from changing their names in order to make such money transfers.

Mangal Mars rules the police. The FSA made their request when transited in almost exact degree-wise kendra to Mars, in Mars’s sign of Aries. Aries is where Sun is exalted, so administrators such as the FSA were empowered at that moment.

Mars was activating Moon, the consciousness, from the Pisces pada of Uttarashadha Nakshatra. This Nakshatra is known to give a longstanding or permanent type of victory, but only when it is acting in an ethical way, informed by intentions for the greater good. It is also ruled by Sun and for this reason represents the banking sector. Rahu is transiting in Pisces in the sky, where Mars transited in the Navamsha. Rahu is criminals and fraudulent actors, and Mars will typically use the form of the physical world to bring Rahu’s deceptions to light.

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