Kraken Opensources Kraken Wallet As Venus Passes Rahu In Pisces

Kraken Opensources Kraken Wallet As Venus Passes Rahu In Pisces

On Wednesday April 17th, as Moon the collective consciousness transited in Cancer in trine to Venus in Pisces, Venus passed Rahu. On this day, Kraken released its Kraken Wallet. 

It’s a self-custodial multichain wallet for mobile phones and Kraken actually shields users’ IP addresses and doesn’t keep any of the user’s info. Kraken also open sourced the wallet’s code on Github on release. They say that doing so strengthens the wallet’s security since many people can look at the code and give input on its weaknesses.

Mercury was retrograding towards Venus and Rahu, and Mercury is the planet who makes corrections or edits, even more so when retrograding. He is the student and the accountant amongst the planets.

Venus is exalted in Pisces, so He is relaxed and simply enjoying Himself or creating relaxed feelings of enjoyment within beings on the Earth plane. Venus and Rahu together heightens Venus in a way and makes Him even more open because His desire is heightened in Rahu’s presence. This is also true in personal life, so it might have been a good transit for love for many people. 

Shukracharaya Venus rules payments and also rules sharing. His element is water.

Because Kraken released its Kraken Wallet on the day that Venus passed Rahu in Pisces with Mercury retrograding towards them, Kraken Wallet was the first major exchange wallet to be open source from its very launch.

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