Laos reports power outages partially due to demand from crypto miners, an issue pushed to the forefront by Saturn to be dealt with before February 2025

Laos reports power outages partially due to demand from crypto miners, an issue pushed to the forefront by Saturn to be dealt with before February 2025

The country of Laos, which generates 80 percent of its electricity from hydropower, has experienceed power outages due to a combination of unpredictable and insufficient rainfall and cryptocurrency mining.

When Reuters reported on the situation in Laos on Thursday 16 May, Moon was opposing Saturn in the sky. This means that Saturn was travelling on the opposite side of Earth in the sky from Moon. 

One-third of power demand in Laos comes from crypto miners operating there. 

The planet Saturn generates mining on Earth. Amongst the visible planets Saturn, neuter or genderless, is the planet Who orbits furthest out into space from the Sun. Saturn is the child of Sun and Chhaya, shadow. For this reason, Saturn is represented on Earth by everything black, including petroleum. This is one reason why Saturn generates mining. 

The Nakshatra of Purvabhadrapada where Saturn was located when Laos reported outages, is located in the Saturn ruled air element sign of Aquarius which due to its air element relates more specifically to the type of mining that computers do on blockchains than to underground mining. Saturn had recently entered the sign of Taurus in the Navamsha, which is a chart of the sky mathematically derived from the real sky. Taurus generates moisture and rainfall because it is a sign whose constellations or Nakshatra generate agricultural wealth on Earth.

Saturn is the coldest of the visible planets, orbiting farthest out from the Sun. When Moon or other planets oppose Saturn in the sky, it often generates situations which indicate a cold, hard truth which must be dealt with no matter what.

Laos became attractive to crypto miners beginning in 2021 and the government allowed them in. But that same year, EDL which is the domestic electricity provider of Laos had to start importing energy to meet the country’s needs. At the same time, independent providers were selling hydroelectricity to Vietnam and to Thailand.

The planet Saturn will turn retrograde at the end of June. This means that Earth will be passing Saturn in celestial longitude, in their orbit around Sun, and for this reason, Saturn will appear from Earth to be moving backwards in the sky.

Saturn will be in retrograde motion until the middle of November, and will only reach the degree He travelled at at the time of Laos’ power outages, travelling forward again on Wednesday 5 February 2025. This means that the country of Laos must reconsider and remedy its power issues before Wednesday 5 February in order to avoid more long-term issues. This means that the country and possibly other countries with similar issues resulting from resident crypto miners, will likely need to restructure their deals with locally operating miners to property take care of their domestic population. 


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