Man Buying Goats With Crypto In Collaborative Initiative Blessed By Venus Transit

Man Buying Goats With Crypto In Collaborative Initiative Blessed By Venus Transit

A man named Richard Opany in Kenya has been buying goats with crypto that various individuals within the industry and within Crypto Twitter have been sending him.

It all started when on April 1st he tweet replied to Worldcoin a thanks for the airdrop he got from them, saying he used the money to buy a goat. On April 1st Venus was newly in Pisces, the sign of His exaltation.What’s cool is that Richard Opany on his Twitter mentions his birthday being March 16th. This means that Venus was transiting over his natal Sun on April 1st when he tweeted thanks to Worldcoin.

Ever since then many people have been sending him crypto and he has been buying goats and naming them as per the senders’ requests.

Mercury is now retrograding back towards Pisces from the beginning of Aries. This activates a Neech Bhang Raj Yoga where Venus helps Mercury Who does not do well alone in Pisces. But with Venus there, Mercury comes up with all kinds of new and beautiful ideas.

Shukracharaya Venus rules gift giving and payments, and is also exalted in the 12th Sign of Pisces, which relates to spiritual expansion and relatedly to donation or letting go.

Mercury retrograding from Aries, the sign of the individual identity, back into Pisces to be with Venus, is why people sending Opany crypto have been requesting that he names the goats as per their request. Mercury rules exchanges and accounting, and basically the transaction part of money transfers. So this is an example of creative gift giving happening because of the current Venus-Mercury transit. 

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