Marathon's New Sidechain Network Anduro Indicates Future Strife For Bitcoin

Marathon's New Sidechain Network Anduro Indicates Future Strife For Bitcoin

Marathon mining firm is establishing a mutichain Bitcoin sidechain network called Anduro. Currently there are two Anduro sidechains,  Coordinate for a more efficient UTXO stack for Ordinals and Alys as an EVM compatible way to tokenize assets. 

In Marathon’s press release they say that their intentions with Anduro are to encourage Bitcoin development and adoption. They also say that Anduro sidechains use something called “merge-mining” which will allow Marathon to earn Bitcoin from transactions that happen on Anduro.

Marathon announced their initiative on Wednesday February 28th, when Mercury had just passed Sun and then Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn rules mining and Aquarius is the final air sign related to financial gain, so Saturn in Aquarius is especially related to bitcoin mining. After Mercury the messenger passed from Sun to Saturn, He began trining bitcoin’s natal Ketu, Who is located in Ardra. Ketu relates to splitting and the creation of multiplicity from something which was not originally many. In this way Ketu represents sidechains. Bitcoin’s natal Ketu is in the last pada of Ardra Nakshatra in the sign of Gemini. 

I See that when Jupiter transits bitcoin’s natal Ketu beginning in the second half of July of 2025, something becomes understood about bitcoin sidechains and they potentially enter into the focus of governments’ regulatory actions to try to limit Bitcoin’s emergence in the world. I write about this period in the book BITCOIN BY 2026, when national governments try to limit Bitcoin’s power in our world, and now I See that sidechains may be a type of excuse that governments use in order to act against Bitcoin. For more information definitely read my book BITCOIN BY 2026.

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