Memecoin Activity Strengthened By Protocol And Mercury Rahu Transit

Memecoin Activity Strengthened By Protocol And Mercury Rahu Transit

A protocol called which lets people launch new memecoins without any seed liquidity saw its daily revenue reach an all time high of $521.15K on Wednesday 24 April.

The next day, the planet Mercury turned direct almost exactly on True Rahu in the sky. 

The moment that a planet turns direct is when it appears to rebegin its typical orbital direction as seen from Earth, after having retrograded, or appeared to have been travelling backwards, due to its relative position to Sun and Earth.

As per MEMECOINS WITH ASTROLOGY by Maya Raghavan, the combination of Mercury and Rahu in the sky has generated significant meme coin activity on Earth, historically.

Memecoins launched on are ready for trading by way of a bonding curve. Once enough people buy the token, a portion of its supply is deposited to a DEX and burned. People only have to pay a $2 fee to launch their token on Solana, Blast or Base using the protocol.

The planet Mars will be apparent in the sky in the place where Mercury turned direct on 24 April when revenue peaked, on Tuesday 21 May. Mars traveling with Rahu at 21º47 of Pisces will generate a deflation in memecoin activity. This effect can begin as early as Wednesday 15 May.

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