Michael Saylor's Sudden Warming To Ethereum May Have More Runway Ahead According To Financial Astrologer Maya Raghavan

Michael Saylor's Sudden Warming To Ethereum May Have More Runway Ahead According To Financial Astrologer Maya Raghavan

Michael Saylor, founder of MicroStrategy has quickly taken up a more favorable view of Ethereum in light of the new spot ether ETF approvals. MicroStrategy was the first major publicly traded company to adopt Bitcoin as a primary treasury reserve asset, under the leadership of Michael Saylor who is now in charge of the company’s bitcoin strategy.

Up until the spot ETF approvals, he was heavily, emphatically and publicly critical of Ethereum, saying that it like any other cryptocurrency was akin to an unregistered security in contrast to bitcoin which was a commodity.

However, in a recent episode of a podcast called “What Bitcoin Did,” he took a much more optimistic stance on it all, saying “Mainstream investors will say, ‘Oh, there is a crypto asset class now, maybe we’ll allocate 5% or 10% to the crypto asset class, but Bitcoin will be 60% or 70% of that,’” refering to the new landscape that has emerged with the ETH spot etf approvals.

The podcast aired on Saturday 25 May while the planet Mercury transited on Saylor’s natal Jupiter.

Michael Saylor’s natal Mercury is in a very by-the-books Nakshatra called Uttaraashadha. It is related to institutions and the banking sector and typically gives great success as long as a person does things in line with ethics or by the books. His natal Jupiter Whom Mercury transited is in the 2nd House from his natal Moon, which explains many things, including why his speech commands attention.

So, on Monday 1 July Mars will transit with Moon on Saylor’s natal Jupiter. Saylor’s natal Moon is very much bitcoin-affiliated as bitcoin’s natal Jupiter is on his natal Moon. Funnily enough his natal Mars is on Ethereum’s natal Rahu and this really explains why he was so insistent that Ethereum wasn’t the real deal.

Due to Mercury transiting in opposition to Saylor’s natal Venus which causes him to be adept at taking brave financial moves, I See that on this date or very close to this date, Saylor will return to the topic of ETH versus bitcoin in a new way. I do See it as likely that he makes some type of brave purchasing decision. 

As an Astrologer I See that it is possible that Michael Saylor starts buying ETH on or around July 1st.

I, Financial Astrologer Maya Raghavan have in fact looked quite a bit at Michael Saylor’s natal chart, although unfortunately I do not know his birth time. However with what I can See in his chart, I See that Michael Saylor deciding to start buying ETH on or close to July 1st is indeed possible. There are some other astrological positions that are leading me to this conclusion, especially the relationship between his natal Sun and Ethereum’s natal Mercury.

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