More companies to follow example of Semler Scientific and adopt bitcoin strategy beginning in second half of June

More companies to follow example of Semler Scientific and adopt bitcoin strategy beginning in second half of June

Semler Scientific, a publicly traded California-based company which makes medical apps has made bitcoin its primary treasury reserve asset. The company also purchased 581 bitcoins. 

On the morning of Tuesday 28 May when Semler Scientific announced their new strategy, their stock ticker SMLR increased 25%. It opened Tuesday at $25 and on Wednesday reached a local high of $34.40.

At that moment in the sky, the planet Mercury travelled in the constellation or Nakshatra of Bharani. 

The rishis divided the sky of an infinite radius extending outward from the center point, Earth into 27 groups of fixed stars, called Nakshatra. Moon’s entrance into each of those star groups generated events on Earth with common characteristics with which they became identified. The rishis observed that the other planets generated events of the same category when traveling through each given Nakshatra, as well, with added characteristics depending on which planet.

The planet Mercury generates trading and accounting on Earth. Mercury is the planet Who orbits closest to Sun, the King, and is considered to be the Prince for this reason. The Nakshatra of Bharani where Mercury travelled generates extreme and transformative events.

That very pada or fourth part of Bharani is where Michael Saylor’s natal Jupiter is located. This is interesting because Michael Saylor is the person who made the idea of a bitcoin strategy widely known in the United States and probably worldwide when his company MicroStrategy started buying bitcoin. Mercury is considered to be the student of Jupiter.

This suggests that there is a new impulse amongst companies to implement a bitcoin strategy. On Wednesday 3 July the planet Mars will enter into that same pada of Bharani Nakshatra where Mercury transited upon Semler Scientific’s announcement of its new bitcoin strategy.

It is likely that on this date, more companies aggressively decide to implement similar strategies. It could be interesting to keep a close watch on this topic beginning as early as Friday 21 June which is when Sun enters Ardra Nakshatra, where Bitcoin’s natal Venus is located.

Beginning as early as Friday 21 June various CEOs are likely to start making the decision to implement a bitcoin strategy following the example of MicroStrategy and other companies worldwide that have been gradually following suit.

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