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Mysterious Bitcoin Transfer To Satoshi's Wallet Is Astrologically Tied To Binance And To A Secret Signal

A recent mysterious bitcoin transfer points to an elite and secret group of OG whales. On Friday January 5th, 2024, 26.91679286 Bitcoins were transferred from a Binance wallet to Satoshi Nakomoto’s wallet. That’s the wallet that received the block reward when bitcoin’s genesis block was mined, and that’s why it’s considered to be Satoshi’s wallet.

This transfer happened at 7PM UTC. 

Just as a note, if you round the number to 27 and then multiply 27 by 44000, a price that bitcoin passed on the two hour candle that followed this transaction….you get 1 million 1 hundred and 88 dollars. The numbers 11 and 8 are both related to Saturn.

And in fact, Saturn was playing a role at this moment. Not the Saturn in the sky currently, but rather, Binance’s natal Saturn.

At the moment of the transfer, Mercury was transiting right on Binance Exchange’s natal Saturn.

In the sky, Mars had just right then entered into the Gemini pada of Mula Nakshatra, and Moon had begun to oppose Jupiter.

Binance’s natal Mercury is powerful and works to solve problems in order to bring wealth to the exchange. 

I See that the wallet that sent this 26.91679286 Bitcoins to Satoshi’s wallet is not simply a Binance wallet but rather a wallet affiliated with Binance itself in some way and that this transaction was purposeful. It was done either as a type of signal from top Binance leadership, due to Mercury’s placement second from Binance’s powerful natal Sun, or it was done to hide something, to make something disappear in order to quickly solve a problem. I See this because of the movement of Mars into the Gemini pada of Mula Nakshatra right as the transaction was made. This is likely related to the hunt that the United States has been carrying out against Binance. 

What is truly compelling to me as an Astrologer, is that at that moment, the same Mercury Who transited Binance’s natal Saturn was also in exact trine to Bitcoin’s natal Mars. Not the Genesis Block natal Mars but rather the natal Mars of the chart I use, which is of the moment that the first pizza was bought using bitcoin.

All of this points to a deep relationship between Binance and some person or group which has been guiding bitcoin to prominence in an unseen way on this earth plane. This is a story that is being hidden by that transaction that happened just yesterday, Friday January 5th.

I am just a simple Astrologer and am not against Binance in any way, in fact I like Binance and personally hope that they succeed. All of this is simply what I See as an Astrologer. But it looks quite clear. 

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