New Era Approaching For UAE And The AED Currency

New Era Approaching For UAE And The AED Currency

OKX’s Dubai based subsidiary, FZE will in the coming weeks open up spot trading to UAE residents in local trading pairs such as AED/BTC and AED/ETH as well as deposit and withdrawal in AED.

They just got the needed license from the Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority or VARA, to do so.

I found this story interesting because in my book BITCOIN COUNTRIES I wrote extensively on the future of the UAE, its currency the AED, and bitcoin.

That’s because the destiny of this country, the UAE is particularly connected to the destiny of Bitcoin.

In May of this year 2024, as I explained in the book, UAE enters a period of great fortune, and this fortune is related to a new era for its own currency the AED and to bitcoin.

You can find the book BITCOIN COUNTRIES here on What’s coming up for UAE is truly transformational so check out my book, I think You’ll find it quite interesting.

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