New HTX DAO Token Will Help HTX Exchange Avert Potential Future Hacks

New HTX DAO Token Will Help HTX Exchange Avert Potential Future Hacks

On Monday January 22nd HTX Exchange, formerly called Huobi, transitioned its HT token to the new HTX DAO token. 

HTX is a governance token that will also give holders significant trading fee discounts and other benefits. It seems to be an attempt at a new decentralized model for the CEFI exchange, as HTX holders will be able to vote on the direction of Huobi exchange.

Dev Guru Jupiter rules policy, and governance.

On Monday January 22nd, the date of the transition from the HT token to the new HTX Dao token, Mercury had begun transiting with Mars in the inspiring Nakshatra of Purvashadha, in the sign of governance, Sagittarius, while its ruler Dev Guru Jupiter aspected it.

Moon in Gemini, related to trading, opposed Venus almost exactly. Venus is a benefic planet and is related to mutually beneficial relationships.

Interestingly on Sunday September 24th 2023 when HTX formerly Huobi Exchange witnessed a hack of 5000 ether, Mercury was transiting in exact trine to where Mars transited on Monday January 22nd at the premier if you will of the new DAO token.

This shows that the new model is likely in part an effort to safeguard the exchange by creating a community which is invested in its future wellbeing. It looks like a positive development, due to Moon’s opposition to Venus at the moment of the HT to HTX token conversion.

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