OpenSea Rolling Out 2.0 Upgrade After Helpful Rahu Jupiter Transit

OpenSea Rolling Out 2.0 Upgrade After Helpful Rahu Jupiter Transit

OpenSea is now at work on OpenSea 2.0, as per Bloomberg. OpenSea 2.0 will let users see different types of NFTs laid out in novel ways as per their use cases. Ticket NFTs for example will be in a calendar view. Switching between collections view and its pro NFTs trading platform will also be easy. And they have already rolled out the option to create a self-custodied NFT wallet with just an email address that you can use and manage within OpenSea itself.

In early November of 2023, just as Rahu was moving into the sign of Pisces, OpenSea first announced a huge layoff of 50% off its staff in order to start streamlining towards its 2.0 vision.

Pisces is the sign of the ocean. So projects whose names or brandings evoke the ocean will be particularly effected or activated by Rahu’s transit in Pisces. Pisces is ruled by Dev Guru Jupiter and it is the sign where Shukracharya Venus is exalted. 

Shukracharya, Venus rules the arts including NFTs, and payments.

While the initial news from OpenSea in November regarding layoffs was taken by many on CryptoTwitter to suggest failure, the more recent news about OpenSea 2.0, shared by its CEO in a January 14th article on Bloomberg is more constructive. This is because between early November all the way to the very end of December, 2023, Jupiter the ruler of Pisces was retrograding.

Now that Jupiter is direct, this company OpenSea is ready to move forward. It’s likely that once Jupiter moves into Venus’s sign of Taurus in May 2024, OpenSea will start having further success stories.

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