Optimism Wants Layer 3s To Build On OP Stack, But Saturn Wants Devs To Consider Ethereum's Revenue

Optimism Wants Layer 3s To Build On OP Stack, But Saturn Wants Devs To Consider Ethereum's Revenue

Optimism, a leading Ethereum Layer 2 has rolled out two new additions to its tech stack, OP Stack, in order to attract Layer 3s to build on the Optimism Superchain.

Optimism announced the initiative in a blog post on Wednesday May 8th, titled “Welcome L3s to the Superchain.” They also tweeted that Layer 3s that choose to build on the Superchain will be eligible for retroactive funding, airdrops and growth campaigns from the Optimism Collective. Those Layer 3s would be allocating part of their own revenue to the Optimism Collective.

At that moment in the sky, the Moon travelled at the same celestial longitude as the planet Jupiter, Dev Guru in Taurus. Dev Guru had entered Taurus just one week ago.

The rishis divided the sky of an infinite radius extending outward from the center point, Earth into 12 equal sections or signs. Those equal sections began in specific places within groups of fixed stars, called Nakshatra. Sun’s entrance into those places produced observable shifts in the quality of light on Earth. Sun travels in each sign for one month, Jupiter for one year. So, Jupiter will transit for the next year in Taurus.

The new additions to the OP Stack are custom gas tokens and “Plasma Mode.” Custom gas tokens will let Layer 3 devs assign a Layer 2 token as their native gas token, which makes it easy and cheap to onramp users of the Layer 2 on which their Layer 3 is built. Plasma Mode lets Layer 3s lower their overhead operating costs by letting them choose which data availability layer they will use. 

Layer 3s settle their transactions on a Layer 2, whereas Layer 2s aggregate their transactions into bundles and then settle on Ethereum itself. Layer 3s have even cheaper fees than Layer 2s because they don’t need to settle on Ethereum. An example of a Layer 3 is Degen Chain, built ontop of Base, a prominent Layer 2.

The planet Jupiter generates expansion on Earth, and wealth. Taurus generates liquidity and payments. For the next year, liquidity will be created in new ways, with the purpose of generating wealth.

The planet Saturn will be apparent in the sky at the same degree where Jupiter transited upon Optimism’s announcement, two signs displaced, on Sunday 30 March 2025. On this date, Saturn enters Pisces. 

Saturn is the coldest planet and has a condensing effect. Beginning on Sunday 30 March 2025, Saturn will start generating a new cohesiveness which benefits Ethereum itself. This will be related to the necessity of maintaining security on Ethereum, which requires incentivizing validators to stake, meaning that Ethereum needs to somehow capture revenue, or network activity from the existence of Layer 3s. 

When Saturn generates any new consensus, it’s typically an uncomfortable process. For this reason, it would be better if Ethereum and Layer 2 devs begin contemplating now, how Layer 3s can contribute to Ethereum network activity instead of taking away from it. It is likely that on or close to Monday March 13th, when Mercury transits at 2º57’ of Aries, there will be further contemplation relating to how Layer 3s can contribute to Ethereum network activity and security rather than detract from it. This is because on this date, Mercury returns to the degree where He transited when Polygon Labs CEO Mark Boiron first brought up this issue, in a March 31st tweet

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