Prashna Service For Financial Questions Now Available!

Prashna Service For Financial Questions Now Available!

I, Maya Raghavan, of ShiningBull, am excited to introduce a personalized astrological service designed to guide you through your financial queries regarding any and all types of assets, using the wisdom of Vedic astrology. Our Prashna Service for Finances, delivered directly to you via Telegram, offers a unique combination of convenience and personalized guidance.

Discover the Prashna Service

Prashna is a Vedic astrology technique that I the Astrologer use to provide precise and insightful answers to your financial questions. By analyzing the configuration of the sky at the moment of your question, I can offer you guidance. As an Astrologer I can show You which action will be most supported by the galaxy. Actions undertaken in alignment with the galaxy have an added value. This service is available through the Telegram app only. *I Maya Raghavan am not a Financial Advisor.


Service Offerings

We have three different options for this service, to give you the best deal.


Prashna Service For Finances (Single Question) - $59.00 USD

For those seeking quick insight into a pressing financial decision, this service allows you to ask one yes/no question. From investment queries to financial dilemmas, you will receive a direct answer from me in the form of a short voice recorded message. Questions should be formulated to receive a "yes" or "no" answer and can be about any type of financial asset. Interested? Let's get started!


One Financial Question, Per Week, For One Month - $159.00 USD

If you're looking for ongoing guidance, this package provides you with the opportunity to ask one yes/no financial question per week for a month. It's perfect for individuals who appreciate the value of weekly astrological advice to help navigate through their financial decisions with added clarity. Curious? Take the step!


One Financial Question, Per Day, For One Month - $591.00 USD

For those who desire daily insights, this service allows you to ask one yes/no financial question each day for one month. Tailored for active investors, fund managers, business people, or anyone who benefits from daily guidance of the Jyothish, this package ensures that your financial decisions are consistently aligned with what the galaxy is moving forward. I look forward to meeting you :-)


Getting Started Is Easy

Choose the service option that best meets your needs.

After your purchase, you'll be prompted to download a simple form asking for your name and Telegram number or username.

Email the completed form to, using the email address you used at checkout, with the appropriate subject line as per the instructions on the form.

Within 24 hours, I, Maya Raghavan, will invite you to a private Telegram chat. It is in this private setting where you will ask your financial question(s), and I will provide you with a personalized, voice-recorded response(s).

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