Prisma Finance Hack Will Show New Developments When Sun Enters Aries

Prisma Finance Hack Will Show New Developments When Sun Enters Aries

On Thursday March 28th, Prisma Finance was hacked and this was noticed by Cyvers which is a security platform. Cyvers tweeted that their system had detected the malicious contract even before the hack itself began. The hacker made off with more than 9 million dollars of Prisma’s own liquid staked ether token and their LST backed stablecoin amongst others.

On Thursday March 28th when Prisma Finance was hacked, Mars had just joined Rahu in the Navamsha of the sky, in kendra to a distressed Mercury who had just passed through the gandantha after a debilitated, Rahu-infused transit up in Pisces. As I mention on a regular basis, hacks happen when Mercury is under stress from malefics, especially Mars and also Rahu. 

In this case as Moon which is the mind and the collective consciousness opposed Jupiter in the sky, Who gives wisdom, the hack was quickly identified. 

As an Astrologer I See that when Sun enters Aries in the middle of April, and especially on Monday April 15th it’s likely that further information is attained in relation to this hack and it is likely that there is a favorable outcome for Prisma due to Moon’s transit at this moment in Punarvasu Nakshatra while trining Mars and it is likely, due to the position of Venus and Mercury together in Pisces, that the hacker is paid some money in order to return the stolen funds.

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