SEC suddenly approves spot ETH etfs. Financial Astrologer Maya Raghavan of ShiningBull predicted this exact occurrence to the date years ago

SEC suddenly approves spot ETH etfs. Financial Astrologer Maya Raghavan of ShiningBull predicted this exact occurrence to the date years ago

The SEC approved 8 Ethereum spot ETF filings by BlackRock, Fidelity, Grayscale, Bitwise, VanEck, Ark, Invesco Galaxy and Franklin Templeton, on Thursday 23 May. 

That day, the planet Venus passed Jupiter in His sign of Taurus in the sky, almost exactly opposite in the sky from the location of Ethereum’s Lagna. The Lagna is the specific place within a constellation or Nakshatra that was rising on the Eastern Horizon where the Sun rises every day, at the moment of an individual or entities birth, creation or first beginnings. Venus and Jupiter are planets which generate powerfully beneficial effects of distinct types on Earth. 

Thursday Sun trined Ethereum’s natal Rahu almost exactly. Ethereum’s natal Rahu is located in its 11th House of fame and of monetary gains. Rahu in the 11th House can make an individual or entity famous for the wrong reasons. It can also corrupt financial gains in certain ways.

The planet Sun is the King around which all planets of our solar system orbit. Sun generates leaders such as government administrators on Earth. Thursday when the SEC approved the ETFs was also a full moon which happened with the Moon very close to Ethereum’s Lagna. The Lagna is the identity of the individual on Earth in this incarnation. The Moon is the consciousness and when full, Moon is on the opposite side from Earth from where Sun travels, as though the two are looking at each other. This Full Moon likely made governmental administrators aware of Ethereum’s nature in a new way.

It is possible that the US Ether ETFs not incorporating staking in order to create extra dividends for its holders can benefit Ethereum as a whole, and this may be related to the staking curve which Ethereum Foundation researchers have been inquiring into since early April.  

Financial Astrologer Maya Raghavan predicted this surprising event of the Ethereum ETFs being approved in two separate books. One was the book ETHEREUM BY 2026 which she published in 2022. The other was ETH/BTC 2024 PREDICTIONS FOR THE RATIO, published in 2023. She also predicted in the BITCOIN BTC 2024 PREDICTIONS book also published in 2023, that bitcoin would drop while ether started a climb specifically because of something very good and very surprising happening just for ether. When everyone including the world’s top financial analysts were assuring everyone that the ETFs would be denied, Financial Astrologer Maya Raghavan kept telling her clients, viewers of her podcasts and readers of her articles that something surprising and beneficial would happen on Thursday 23 May that would send ETH price up in a strong way. This is one example of why investors and traders worldwide can benefit immensely from ShiningBull.

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