SEC May Have Been Too Slow For Do Kwon

SEC May Have Been Too Slow For Do Kwon

On Wednesday February 28th, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission asked the Delaware Bankruptcy Court to disallow Terraform Labs from retaining their lawyers, Dentons U.S. LLC. 

This is because in the SEC’s own words, Terraform Labs had transferred 122 million dollars into an “opaque slush fund” in their lawyers’ name, and that basically this amount was much more than the litigation costs for the bankruptcy case and is being used to pay for counseling of Kwon in matters unrelated to the SEC case and at the same time is enough money to act as, in their words, “a war chest” with which to continue disputing the SEC’s case while at the same time removing funds before they could be called upon by the SEC for payments in the case of favorable judgment being given to the SEC in their case against them.  

On Wednesday when the SEC made this appeal to the Delaware bankruptcy court was when Sun passed Saturn in Aquarius, an interesting moment that can illuminate hidden intentions or basically, the shadows.

In this January 23rd article I detail what I predict for Do Kwon this month. What I found interesting about this though, was that on Wednesday is also when the bitcoin god candle happened with price surging to $64K.

This is also indicative of it being too late in a way. The Sun passing Saturn shows the shadows but the present is the reality and its power can not be denied. 

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