Silk Road Seized Bitcoin Moved To Coinbase Hot Wallet By DOJ

Silk Road Seized Bitcoin Moved To Coinbase Hot Wallet By DOJ

On Tuesday April 2nd, as Moon transited in Uttaraashadha in Sagittarius in trine to Jupiter in Aries, aporting knowledge and understanding to the collective consciousness, shortly after Moon had passed out of kendra to the coming eclipse degree of Rahu and Ketu, crypto media circulated evidence that a wallet affiliated with the United States Department of Justice had just sent about 2 billion in bitcoin to a Coinbase hot wallet. That bitcoin is thought to be the bitcoin that the DOJ seized from the Silk Road dark net market of times long past.

At that moment, Ketu was transiting 10th from Moon. Ketu makes things happen suddenly and is like a much crazier or unhinged version of Mars. Hasta Nakshatra where Ketu transits is related to the Sun in His role as a money handler because politicians and CEOs, who represent Sun, handle money in a very agile manner and a Sun God named Savitar rules this Nakshatra. People with a strong Hasta Nakshatra influence will often have some talent related to the hands such as drawing. Hasta itself means hand.

What I See is that the government is likely to sell off that bitcoin on Friday April 19th, when Moon opposes Saturn, in which case it will be followed by a drastic price surge as Moon shortly thereafter starts opposing Mars. Mangal Mars is the General of the Army of the Devas, and is represented by police or similar authorities on this Earth plane.

If not then I predict it happens on Monday April 22nd when Moon transits with Ketu in Hasta and the next day Mars, represented by authorities enters Pisces, sign of letting go, ie. In this case a large scale “letting go” of assets.

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